CCTV allows you to monitor and record multiple cameras 24/7 at any one given time. This can be from either one central location or various locations around several site. Each system needs to be designed specifically for each site, as we take into account the light levels and size of lens for each location.

 CCTV technology of today is moving very fast. We are seeing more and more digital IP systems being installed. These systems provide far greater detail than analogue systems. We have found in certain situations that one digital camera gives the same results as several analogue cameras. Our knowledge in this field makes sure that we design a system that is specific to each client keeping up with the growth within the industy.

 Digital systems could also save you money if you have existing network points installed on your site. We can utilize these points, saving us time therefore you money. We always work closely with your IT department to make sure we are not infringing on your network that is already in place.

Why not integrate your CCTV system with your intruder system. This will allow the end user to save time whilst searching recorded video for incidents or have live images appear on any monitor when you have an alarm activation instantly.

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